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Yellow Piggyback Safety CabinetsZoom

Yellow Piggyback Safety Cabinets

Yellow Piggyback Safety Cabinets
Item# 891300
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(891300):2 door, manual 12 Gallon 18" x 43" x 18".

(891700):2 door, manual 17 Gallon 24" x 43" x 18".

(891320-RED, 891321-GRAY, 891323-White):2 door, self-close 12 Gallon 18" x 43" x 18".

(891720-RED, 891721-GRAY, 891723-WHITE):2 door, self-close 17 Gallon 24" x 43" x 18".

Justrite Piggyback Cabinets provide additional safe storage for flammables without taking up valuable floor space. Designed to mount on top of Justrites standard 30- and 45-gallon manual or self-close cabinets, they can also be used singly as a benchtop cabinet or stacked to provide additional storage. Piggyback Cabinets also lend themselves to wall mounting with the purchase of a Wall Hanger Assembly. Piggyback units are not to be used with sliding door cabinets.
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