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Stansport, 292 Emergency 2 Gallon Water BagZoom

Stansport, 292 Emergency 2 Gallon Water Bag

Stansport, 292 Emergency 2 Gallon Water Bag
Item# 292
Availability: In Stock
Stansport 292 2 Gallon Water Bag Features:

Made of heavy duty PVC construction

Carrying handle for portability

Sealing key closure prevents spilling

Folds flat when empty

Capacity: 2 gallon


Heavy duty PVC construction. Carrying handle for portability. Sealing key closure prevents spilling.

Folds flat when empty. This Emergency Water Carrier is different than most collapsible water containers as it truly does fold into a small area.

Most emergency survival water containers collapse their width, but not their height in an accordion style due to the ridged plastic used. This does not allow them to be stored in a survival kit or bag like the Stansport 2 Gallon Collapsible Water Bag.
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