A&D Ointment by H & H Laboratories Inc.
H & H Lab H-HAD13 A&D Ointment

H & H Lab H-HAD13 A&D Ointment

H & H Lab H-HAD13 A&D Ointment
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descriptionA&D Ointment by H & H Laboratories Inc. Helps to soothe, protect and moisturize the skin. Treats and Prevents Diaper Rash. Helps Heal Dry, Chafed Skin.

Protects and Soothes Minor Cuts and Burns.

A+D Original Ointment is specially formulated with two active ingredients, Petrolatum and Lanolin, that form a protective barrier to help seal out irritating wetness and allows skin to heal naturally.

To Treat & Prevent Diaper Rash:

A+D Original Ointment should be used at every diaper change, especially at bedtime when exposure to wet diapers may be prolonged.

A+D Ointment:

Provides Long Lasting Protection Soothes and Relieves Irritated Skin

Spreads Easily and Smoothly

Wipes Off Baby's Delicate Skin Easily

To Treat & Prevent Minor Skin Problems:

A+D Original Ointment has been a trusted family skin protectant for over 60 years.

Use A+D Original Ointment as needed on:

Dry, Chafed, Cracked or Flaky Skin Minor Skin Irritations, Cuts, Abrasions Minor Burns, Sunburn, Windburn Chapped Lips
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