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Under Fume Hood Cabinets

Under Fume Hood Cabinets
Under Fume Hood Cabinets
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Product Description

(882400-Yellow & 882404-Silver):1 door, right hinge, manual 15 Gallon 35.75" x 24" x 21.625".

(882410-Yellow & 882414-Silver): 1 door, left hinge, manual 15 Gallon 35.75" x 24 x" 21.625".

(882420-Yellow & 882424-Silver): 1 door, right hinge, self-close 15 Gallon 35.75" x 24" x 21.625".

(882430-Yellow & 882434-Silver): 1 door, left hinge, self-close 15 57 35.75" x 24 x 21.625".

(883000-Yellow & 883004-Silver): 2 doors, manual 19 Gallon 35.75" x 30" x 21.625".

(883020-Yellow & 883024-Silver):2 doors, self-close 19 Gallon 35.75" x 30" x 21.625".

(883600-Yellow & 883604-Silver): 2 doors, manual 23 Gallon 35.75" x 36" x 21.625".

(883620-Yellow & 883624-Silver): 2 doors, self-close 23 Gallon 35.75 x 36 x 21.625".

(884800-Yellow & 884804-Silvet): 2 doors, manual 31 Gallon 35.75" x 48" x 21.625".

(884820-Yellow & 884824-Silver): 2 doors, self-close 31 Gallon 35.75 x 48 x 21.625".

Under Fume Hood Cabinets provide safe storage of flammables in laboratories.

Under Fume Hood Cabinets are fully compliant and designed for the safe storage and venting of solvents and flammable liquids. Ideal in laboratories under fume hoods, benches, or counters, these cabinets are available in four widths ranging from 24" (610mm) to 48" (1219mm). Single-door cabinets are offered in either left or right-hinge door closures for easy operation where space is at a premium. Back wall vents with built-in flame arresters are positioned at lower left and top right for jurisdictions that mandate venting of vapors. Finished in a durable, chemical resistant powder paint, these cabinets come in two color choices to complement new or existing casework: stainless silver color for neutral preferences or popular safety yellow. Kickplate measures 4"H (102mm) x 3"D (77mm) to conform to most laboratory furniture.

Same great protection features found in standard Justrite Sure-Grip® EX cabinets!

Fully welded, double-wall 18 gauge (1mm) steel with, 1-1/2" (38mm) insulating air space, U-Loc™ handle comes with double key set or accepts optional padlock, Stainless steel, 3-pt. bullet self-latching system, Leak proof 2" (51mm) bottom sump to capture spills, One SpillSlope™ shelf adjustable on 3" (77mm) centers, Highly reflective Haz-Alert™ hazard labeling at top and bottom.

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