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Ultra-Drain Seals Circular

Ultra-Drain Seals Circular
Ultra-Drain Seals Circular
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(2134): 12" dia. x 3/8", 3 lbs. (305 mm dia. x 10 mm, 1.5 kg). Each for $82.48.

(2135): 20" dia. x 3/8", 6 lbs. (508 mm dia. x 10 mm, 3 kg). Each for $124.74.

(2136): 30" dia. x 3/8", 11 lbs. (762 mm dia. x 10 mm, 5 kg). Each for $187.63.

(2137): 42" dia. x 3/8", 19 lbs. (1067 mm dia. x 10 mm, 9 kg) 3. Each for $308.19.

•Reinforced mesh is "sandwiched" between layers of polyurethane - increases durability and resistance to tearing.

•Unique, urethane construction allows the pad to deform and seal off most drains — temporarily "seals" to any smooth surface.

•A valuable addition to any emergency response plan, spill kit or stormwater management program.

•Unlike some alternative products, BOTH sides will quickly seal drains - there is no specified "top" or "bottom".

•Optional Ultra-Drain Seal Wall Mount Units allow quick response to any spill - just "grab and go"!

•Flexible, non-absorbing material with reinforced, tear-resistant mesh.

•One unit per box, easily cuts to special shapes and sizes.

•Resists oil, water and most aggressive chemicals, cleans with soap and water.

Due to the nature of softer urethane, the physical properties of these products may change with exposure to certain environmental conditions like temperature, humidity and UV radiation. Regular inspection of the stored product should be done to ensure it is in a usable state.

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