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Ultra-Decon Decks® - Tactical Model

Ultra-Decon Decks® - Tactical Model
Ultra-Decon Decks® - Tactical Model
Item# 6000
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Product Description

Ultra-Decon Decks® - Tactical Model, Item # 6000,

Decontamination Decks Keep Personnel Above Hazardous Material

• Replaces conventional containment pools - contaminated water is captured in Deck sump and attached 55-gallon bladder.

• Quick and easy set-up.

• Deck and bladder capacity is 99 gallons.

• Use for chemical, biological, and/or radiological response.

• Replacement Bladders available (P/N 6340).

• Optional Privacy Shelter (P/N 6005) and Carrying Case (P/N 6006) available.

• Tactical Model (P/N 6000) can be used with hand-held wand or gross rinse shower system.

• All components fit inside of Decon Deck for quick transport and easy storage (Optional Carrying Case available - P/N 6006)

• All Decks are slip resistant.

Outside Dimensions:

52" x 56 5/8" x 5¾" (1,321 mm x 1,438 mm x 146 mm), Weight: 90 lbs. (41 kg), Containment Capacity: 99 gallons (375 L), Uniformly Distributed Load: 6,000 lbs. (2,722 kg).

Includes: Decon Deck with (1) Bladder Attachment, 12' x 14' Ground Tarp, Gross Rinse Shower Unit, Spray Wand (7 gpm output) and Supply Hose.

The Ultra-Decon Deck, Tactical Model, has been engineered for use as a Single Station Field Decontamination System™

The Single Field Decontamination System™ was developed to improve field delivery of technical and tactical decontamination for responders.

The system provides for multiple washes and rinses on a single containment platform - eliminating the need for multiple containment pools.

Set-up time and staffing are reduced significantly using this process and workers are never expected to stand in contaminants.

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