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Tidy-Mat® Cellulose Sorbent Pad, Recycled-FiberZoom

Tidy-Mat® Cellulose Sorbent Pad, Recycled-Fiber

Tidy-Mat® Cellulose Sorbent Pad, Recycled-Fiber
Item# 521055
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Tidy-Mat® 521055 Cellulose Sorbent Pad, Recycled-Fiber (521055)" 18"x18" Pad 50/bag, Universal Tidy-Mat® Recycled Fiber Pad; 50/bag (ABSORBS UP TO 14 GALLONS/54 LITERS PER CASE).

•Tidy-Mat® recycled fiber pads and rolls can be used as aisle liners, anti-fatigue mats, workbench liners and sorbents. •Absorbs oil, water, solvents, coolants, etc.

•Flame resistant for safety.

•Keeps floors clean and dry.

•Available in various sizes for a customized fit.

•Place the pads in small or confined areas.

•Use the rolls to cover heavy-traffic aisle ways.

TIDYMAT® Recycled Fiber Products: Made from 100% recycled textile fibers woven together for strength Ideal for use with non-aggressive and hydrocarbon-based spills Absorbs up to 9 times its own weight Use to prevent standing fatigue.
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