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BW Technologies GasAlertClip Extreme Gas Detector

BW Technologies GasAlertClip Extreme Gas Detector
BW Technologies GasAlertClip Extreme Gas Detector
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•Simple one-button calibration •Custom display with user friendly icons •The Genesis can be used in four configurations: Diffusion Style, Internal Pump, Hand-Aspirated Pump or Extender Cable •Interchangeable 3-AA batteries or rechargeable NiHy •PEAK, STEL, and TWA readings •Bright LED Array (for alarm conditions) •RF resistant •Glow-in-the-dark buttons •Configurable for one, two, three, or four plug-in sensors Specifications:

•Sensors - Catalytic - Combustible Gases (Electrochemical - Toxic Gases) •Sampling Method - Diffusion (Standard) / Sample-Draw (optional built-in pump) / Extender cable (optional 20 ft or 50 ft) •Power Source - 3-AA Alkaline or NiHy battery pack •Battery Life - Alkaline: 22 hours without pump or 11 hours with pump (NiHy: 16 hours without pump or 8 hours with pump) •Intrinsic Safety - UL Classified, CSA and LCIE / EEX Certified Gas Detection Range:

Gas Formula Standard Range Ammonia NH3 0-100 ppm in 1ppm increments Carbon Monoxide CO 0 -250 ppm in 1 ppm increments Chlorine Cl2 0 - 9.9 ppm in 0.1 ppm increments Combustible LEL 0 - 100% LEL in 1% LEL increments Hydrogen Cyanide HCN 0 - 30 ppm in 1 ppm increments Hydrogen Sulfide H2S 0 - 200 ppm in 1 ppm increments Nitric Oxide NO 0 -100 ppm in 1 ppm increments Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 0 - 9.9 ppm in 0.1 ppm increments Oxygen O2 0 - 30.0% Vol in 0.1% increments Phosphine PH3 0 - 3.00 ppm in 0.01 ppm increments Sulfur Dioxide SO2 0 -9.9 ppm in 0.1 ppm increments

Thermo Electron Corporation is pleased to announce the Genesis portable gas monitor now has new toxic sensors available. The Genesis simultaneously monitors, combustible gases, oxygen, and up to two toxic gases: Cl2, CO, H2S, HCN, NH3, NO, NO2, PH3, or SO2. The Genesis can be used as a diffusion-style air quality monitor or with a built-in sample pump, hand-aspirated pump or extender cable for use with this portable gas analyzer.

The Genesis is protected by a die cast aluminum housing, rubber guards, a high-impact polycarbonate display window, and the Duraplus™ suspension system to cushion internal components. The Genesis offers an outstanding combination of durability and ease-of-use to meet the personal monitoring needs of diverse industries. Optional accessories for the Genesis monitor include a datalogging retrieval kit, internal sample draw pump, hand-aspirated pump, extender cables and battery chargers.

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