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Glove Guard "The Original" Clove Clip

Glove Guard "The Original" Clove Clip

Glove Guard "The Original" Clove Clip
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descriptionGLOVE GUARD® CLIP Available with standard safety slogans or Custom printed with your slogan or logo.

The original Glove Guard® (patented) glove clip reduces hand injuries by keeping work gloves available to workers at all times and reducing lost glove replacement costs. Weighing just 3/4 ounce and only 4-1/2" long, the tough engineered grade material holds its memory with a tight grip in all types of weather.

The small end attaches to a belt loop or directly to clothing, including one piece overalls. The large end attaches to a variety of glove sizes and other articles such as cloth sleeve protectors, mechanic towels, ear muffs, utility bags holding ear plugs and safety glasses, and much more. Glove Guard® holds just about anything it can get a grip on!

GLOVE GUARD SAFETY FEATURES Safety features include non-conductive material, resistance to flex fatigue, and a break-away feature. The Glove Guard®, which is a standard safety item in many companies already, is fast becoming as common as hard hats and safety glasses. Our products also compliment PPE & VPP safety programs. Standard safety slogans or custom imprinting are available.


The Glove Guard® clips are available in a variety of colors including hi-vis options. All Glove Guard® clips are available as blanks (no logo) or can be imprinted with a stock safety logo or customized to meet your organization's unique safety program.


The Glove Guard® glove clip is the original and only one with the patented safety breakaway design. For over ten years it has proven that its implementation can drastically reduce glove replacement costs and hand injuries because workers will have their gloves with them when needed. To use, simply clip the small end around your belt loop or directly to your clothing and clip the large end to your gloves.

Available blank or with a Standard Safety Slogan (text imprint)
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