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Tasco Hearing Protection

Tasco Hearing Protection
A little tid bit about TASCO Beginnings

Thomas A. Scanlon, founder The name TASCO stands for Thomas A Scanlon Company and opened for business at the National Safety Congress in 1974 with one three position top quality earmuff, a mid-range neckband muff, a hard hat muff, a canal-cap and the V51R style military earplug. TASCO manufactured everything but the plugs.

TASCO’s acoustical roots were started in 1952 when Tom and his brother began making hearing aid components for Zenith and Motorola. In 1961 Tom began a side project with a gentleman named David Flexer. Considered crazy and impossible by many, their idea was to put movies and music on airplanes to make the sometimes long flights seem shorter and more enjoyable. After three years of wrangling and R&D work, American Airlines bellied up with the first order. Needless to say, the idea spread quickly and my father (Tom) and his new partner started Avid Corporation in 1966.

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