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Streamlight 73200 KeyMate USB Rechargeable Keychain Light Clam packaged.

Streamlight 73200 KeyMate USB Rechargeable Keychain Light Clam packaged.

Streamlight 73200 KeyMate USB Rechargeable Keychain Light Clam packaged.
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descriptionUltra-Compact and USB Rechargeable Keychain Light

Bring 35 lumens to your workspace with this unique area light. Turn it on and leave it on during power outages, while you work, or go for a run. Long run time combined with USB rechargeability gives you extended use and low operating costs.

Streamlight KeyMate USB

A Unique Every-Day-Carry A key chain light is one of the most helpful accessories you can carry! The problem with a majority of key lights is how bulky and unattractive they can be.

Key chain lights are typically rectangular, not the prettiest to look at, and get caught on almost everything! Streamlight took this into consideration when giving their KeyMate USB its unique design. Shaped exactly like your everyday car or house key - this flashlight is not bulky or not unattractive.

The KeyMate USB is extremely impact resistant due to the polycarbonate and die cast main body frame, while still only weighing an extremely light 0.5 ounces. It is so light that you won't even notice you are carrying it with you where ever you go and it won't be getting damaged every time you pull out your keyring.

Compact, uniquely designed, and brilliantly bright this KeyMate is the perfect light to have on your keyring.

Don't Be Left In The Dark Beyond the fun aesthetics of the key chain light, this every-day-carry flashlight has an exceptionally long runtime and can be recharged via a Micro-USB cord.

The KeyMate USB is designed to last longer than its competitors - so if you are caught in a power outage, on a night walk, or any other situation that requires prolonged flashlight use - then this key light is meant for you.

Moreover, it comes with a rechargeable 110mAh Lithium Polymer battery that can be completely recharged in as little as three hours! You will save money and effort by not having to buy batteries as often as a normal key light that runs on primary batteries.

Additionally, on the front of this key shaped light is an LED charge indicator. When you are charging your KeyMate USB the light will shine red to inform you it is charging - then green to show you it is completely charged.

The reverse side of the LED indicator is a flat plate that is engineered to be engraved. Once you have bought your light you can imprint your favorite logo, your name, or any other design that makes it special. Completely customizable, shaped like a normal key, and its extremely long runtime makes the KeyMate the perfect key chain flashlight.

Features bright white LED and three lighting modes: low, high and emergency flash

Low: 16 lumens; runs 2 hours

High: 35 lumens; runs 1 hour

Optimal area illumination

Rechargeable 110mAh lithium polymer battery

Conveniently charges via USB power source

Multi-function push-button switch with charger indicator LED:

Red = charging; Green = charged

Spring-loaded clip attaches to key rings, zippers, lanyards, etc.

Suggested uses:

Use it as an area light to illuminate your work area

Attach it to the zipper of your coat for hands-free task lighting

Hang it on your key ring

IPX4 water-resistant

Imprintable add your logo for corporate gifts, safety awards, etc.

Includes 5 USB cord

Ultra-compact: 2.9" (7.3 cm)

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