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Pelican Stealth-Lite LED Photoluminescent Flashlight 2410-016-247Zoom

Pelican Stealth-Lite LED Photoluminescent Flashlight 2410-016-247

Pelican Stealth-Lite LED Photoluminescent Flashlight 2410-016-247
Item# 2410-016-247
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The body of the Pelican Stealth-lite Recoil Safety Flashlight is made of unbreakable corrosion-proof Luxan material with a hi-impact Nylon lens.

You can drop it, step on it, leave it out in the rain, heck you can even use it underwater. For all we know this thing might even work in space, but we're not sure if it's been tested up there or not.

Its LED diode gives an extremely bright, white beam, which will shine through water, fog, smoke and rain making it an ideal light source for many applications. The Stealth-lite Recoil LED has a one handed on/off switch plus a heavy duty lanyard.

It includes 4 AA alkaline batteries so it is ready to go right out of the box.

You wont regret your purchase of the Pelican 2410 Medium Yellow Stealthlite Recoil Safety Flashlight. To be safe we recommend that you purchase one each for your vehicles because you never know when this great torch will come in handy, or even save your life.

Candle Power- N/A | Lumens- 32 | Weight With Batteries- .475 LBS. | AMPS- .167 | Volts- 6.00 | Watts- 1.0 | APPROVALS ATEX CE - II 3 GD EEx nL IIC T4 T135°
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