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SNM EHAW94 4 LED Hide Away Strobe Light Kit

SNM EHAW94 4 LED Hide Away Strobe Light Kit

SNM EHAW94 4 LED Hide Away Strobe Light Kit
Item# EHAW94
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descriptionSNM EHAW94 4 LED Hide Away Strobe Light Kit

The newest addition to our "Undercover LED Series" is here.

The E94 Undercover LED Kits feature four individual Undercover LEDs running off a single custom LED Flasher.

This kit eliminates the confusing "how to sync", the "what wire does what", and "how do I get all of my lights to switch flash patterns at the same time" questions found with many of the lights available.

This kit will also save you a great deal of money by eliminating the need to pay for four separate flashers!

Our E-Series hide-away LED kits are the brightest, most reliable, and smartest kits sold today.

They are the perfect solution for undercover vehicles utilizing the latest in LED technology.

Each LED in the E94 Series LED kit features 9 incredibly bright Next Generation LEDs. The E94 Series kit utilize a single flasher with 32 built in Flash Patterns and can be fully synchronized with other E-Series light heads.

Our E-Series are fully encapsulated, which makes them 100% waterproof and vibration resistant. Designed and engineered in the USA by professionals, for professionals.

The E-Series are designed for primary warning, not auxiliary or secondary warning like so many other similar lights sold today. The E-Series lights offer greater flash pattern selections, superior light output, synchronize capable, in an easy-to-install, undercover design.


32 Flash Patterns

Synchronize with other E-Series Lights

Constructed with heavy duty gauge cables

SAE Rated - Pending

All Aluminum housing

Utilizes industry standard 1 inch hole

Completely Waterproof

2 Year Warranty

12 Volts DC

9 Next Generation LEDs

Instructions Included

Optional Black Flanges are available for surface mounting


Weight .2 Lbs

Lightheads (with base): 1.5" Diameter x 1" H

Lighthead Cords: 8' cable per lighthead

Flasher: 6.75" W x 3.25 H x 1.25" D

Flasher Cords: 8" power cord, 15" output cords
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