Eagle MFG, Safe-Store Type-1-Red Safety-Can, Item # 14193
Eagle MFG, Safe-Store Type-1-Red Safety-CanZoom

Eagle MFG, Safe-Store Type-1-Red Safety-Can

Eagle MFG, Safe-Store Type-1-Red Safety-Can
Item# used-14193
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This item has never been used it has however has been stored for a few years Mabey 10 or 15. No damage 100% usable no rust. 2 Available. You can see actual picture @ http://stores.ebay.com/environmentalsafetyservices

Type I Safety Cans

These Eagle Safety products meet OSHA requirements and most are either Factory Mutual (FM) approved or listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL), and Underwriters Laboratories Canada (ULC).

Eagle Safety Containers are manufactured to exacting standards, reflecting sophisticated technology and superior workmanship. Eagle equals engineering excellence, providing you with the most dependable containers on the market.
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