Specialty Storage Cabinets For Flammables
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Specialty Storage Cabinets For Flammables

Specialty Storage Cabinets For Flammables
Specialty Storage Cabinets For Flammables

The Specialty Cabinets for Flammables consists of wall mount, chest, freestanding, countertop, undercounter, stackable and mini models designed to provide safe storage for flammables, corrosive liquids, tools and/or valuables.

These cabinets feature a durable, double-wall construction with chemical resistant, lead-free powder coat paint finish, large warning labels for clear identification of contents inside and meet a variety of regulations including UL, FM, NFPA, OSHA and much more pending on the model.


Safely contain hazardous chemicals to reduce the risk of fire, protecting both personnel and facilities

Ensures safe evacuation time in the event of a fire Identify, organize and segregate dangerous liquids

Offer compliance with federal OSHA regulations and the

National Fire Protection Association

Improve efficiency by allowing solvents to be stored near the points of use

Improve security with keyed locking mechanism

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