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Regular Fingertip Woven BandagesZoom

Regular Fingertip Woven Bandages

Regular Fingertip Woven Bandages
Item# ESS-1759
Availability: In Stock
Regular Fingertip 40/box (61578): $6.25.

Regular Fingertip 1000/cs (61515): $97.90

Comfortable woven fabric bandages flex to conform to every movement.

Open weave design lets skin breath for fast healing. Designed with a comfortable non-stick pad and a secure seal all around the wound to prevent contamination.

Heavy-duty bandages have an aggressive adhesive that will stick in grease, oil or water. All Medi-First Brand Bandages are LATEX FREE and of the highest quality.

We offer a complete line of plastic and fabric bandages that cover all of your minor first aid and medical needs.
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