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Redi Foam 19270R 7 Inch Round Foam Plate 35/Pack

Redi Foam 19270R 7 Inch Round Foam Plate 35/Pack

Redi Foam 19270R 7 Inch Round Foam Plate 35/Pack
Item# 19270R
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descriptionRedi Foam 19270R 7 Inch Round Foam Plate 35/Pack

Great for picnics, parties, buffets, or catered events

Perfect for salads and sandwiches

Lightweight and easy to carry

Can be used for hot or cold foods

Inverted and textured edge provides easy product separation for quick distribution

Non-absorbent foam construction prevents leakage

Disposability provides quick and easy clean up

Make a great desert, Salad and Bread plate or even just for a sandwich and chips.

Easily serve salads and sandwiches with this Redi Foam 19270R 7" white non-laminated round foam plate. Offering the same Dart quality as comparable laminated versions, this foam plate is lighter than standard plastic plates and is perfect for your picnic, party, buffet, or other catered event. To reduce messes and spills, it boasts deep shoulders and a wide rim.

Plus, it has a non-absorbent foam construction that also prevents liquids from leaking through.

This plate's inverted structure, textured ledge, and lightweight design provide easy product separation, enabling you to quickly distribute each plate and keep your buffet lines moving! It is also insulated to reduce heat transfer, and keep cold dishes cold throughout an entire meal.

Once all the food is gone, enjoy a quick and effortless clean-up with its disposability.

Made without chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), this plate is great for serving guests and is better for the environment!
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