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Ray Padula CA-SIAT Metal Hose Shut Off Adapter

Ray Padula CA-SIAT Metal Hose Shut Off Adapter

Ray Padula CA-SIAT Metal Hose Shut Off Adapter
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descriptionRay Padula CA-SIAT Metal Hose Shut Off Adapter

SHUT IT! :: Thumb Control Metal Ergo Hose Shut Off Adapter. Like it says no leaks easy thumb control. Works great.

When looking to add flow control to sprinklers or nozzles that do not feature built-in flow control options, or in-between hoses, look no further than a Ray Padula deluxe shut off adapter.

This adapter can be installed at sprinklers, nozzles, accessories, or in-between hoses to provide complete ON/OFF functionality, as well as complete flow control. This brand new, exciting adapter features patent-pending Thumb Control design.

This design eliminates traditional levers, dials, and pins and allows ON, OFF, or anywhere in-between with a push of your thumb. The heavy-duty metal construction with a large, EZ-Grip lever features stainless steel screws that won't rust or corrode.

The large, ergo body features a full flow construction that won't restrict water flow during use. A precision engineered O-Ring seal ensures a leak free operation.

Exciting thumb control provides a whole new accessory experience

Turn flow on, off, or anywhere in-between with the push of your thumb, no levers to turn, buttons to fuss with, or leaky dials

Provides complete flow control without having to walk back and forth to the faucet

Easily attaches to any sprinkler, nozzle, or in-between hoses

Precision engineered O-ring seals won't leak

Full flow valve design won't restrict water flow

Heavy-duty construction lasts season-after-season

Leak free, design

Lifetime warranty

Part of the Ray Padula Lawn and Garden Collection
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