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Motorola, Radio Highlights, TalkAbout Familiy Radio Service (FRS) / GMRS

Motorola, Radio Highlights, TalkAbout Familiy Radio Service (FRS) / GMRS
Motorola TalkAbout FRS/GMRS radios solve some very basic lifestyle issues - affordably. Skiers and hunters are rarely in cell phone range, families find them a better option for children, hikers have more freedom to roam, etc.

Motorola manufactures a complete line of FRS/GMRS radios - feature loaded models that give on demand weather updates, voice-activated hands-free communication, and a host of features serious adventurers need.

Simple and effective.Keeping in touch in the neighborhood, at the park or at that secluded fishing hole has never been easier. Perfect for small groups of family and friends.

Radio Highlights:

* NOAA Weather Channel

* The T6500, T7400 and SX700 help you plan and pack for your trip with a NOAA channel (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) providing continuous local and regional weather broadcasting.

And when you are out having fun, warnings of dangerous incoming weather, such as tornadoes and hurricanes, will keep you and your family safe and protected.

Full Featured Privacy

Fact is, you’re not the only one who knows the benefits of taking a Talkabout® with you.

To prevent cluttered channels, the Talkabout® family radios provide 22-channel capacity each with 99-121 privacy codes, creating 836 to 2,662 combinations depending upon your model. Additionally, Priority scan quickly finds the most private channel in crowded environments, and with the QT™ (Quiet Talk) interruption filter enabled, radios from other manufacturers cannot be heard on your channel ensuring a private conversation for your group.

Hands Free Communication

When you have your hands full at the mall, you really don’t want to drop everything to answer a call. Enter iVOX*. Acting as a speakerphone, the iVOX hands-free communication allows you to keep busy and find out where you are all meeting for lunch.

Silent Signals

The VibraCall®* silent vibrating ringer is especially useful for locations where ringing can be intrusive. This feature is also great when noise from a sporting event would drown out your ring tone.

Companding The T9580RSAME has a Motorola exclusive feature—“companding”— a sophisticated digital technology that filters out static between words. This allows the radio to deliver noticeably clearer transmission.
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