Onguard 81020 PVC Overshoes, Item All are excellent for use in: construction, farming, utilities and food processing
Dunlop 81020 10" Overshoes

Dunlop 81020 10" Overshoes

Dunlop 81020 10" Overshoes
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descriptionDunlop 81020 10" Overshoes

Heavy FLEX-O-THANE construction creates premium overshoe and overboot protection

FLEX-O-THANE construction provides added cold weather flexibility and durability 4-way cleated outsole is self cleaning with excellent slip resistance

Dunlop 81020 Features:

COMFORTABLE - By design, the boots offer a perfect fit, optimizing comfort for everyday use.

WATERPROOF - The boots are 100% waterproof to keep your feet dry under wet and dirty conditions.

CHEMICAL RESISTANT - The boots offer protection against a wide variety of chemicals. The specific application with types of chemicals encountered and conditions faced will determine which boot should be opted for. Shoe Size Conversion

XS: Size 4-5

S: Size 6-7

M: Size 8-9

L: Size 10-11

XL: Size 12- 13

2XL: Size 14-15
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