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PA212C POW-R-PATCH 2" X 12"

PA212C POW-R-PATCH 2" X 12"

PA212C POW-R-PATCH 2" X 12"
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descriptionPA212C POW-R-PATCH 2" X 12"


2 in x 12 in POW-R-PATCH Complete Kit


POW-R PATCH puts simplicity back into repairs with a No Mess, No Measuring, No Waiting ready for use kit.

Each Simple-To-Use kit will set on wet surfaces, and will adhere to PVC, Metal, Wood, Fiberglass, Plastic etc… and can be used on a broad spectrum of surfaces.

POW-R PATCH is perfect for fast repairs in farming, Industry, transportation, marine, plumbing, and irrigation as well as around the home.

Common uses of the

POW-R PATCH kit in the field are repair of overseas containers, chemical and fertilizer tanks, semi-trailers and roof repair, drums, pans and many other flat surfaces or open channeled containers.
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