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OBERON Chemical-Resistant Goggles

OBERON Chemical-Resistant Goggles

OBERON Chemical-Resistant Goggles
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descriptionOBERON Chemical-Resistant Goggles

Chemical-Resistant Goggles

No Need to Replace Lens After Chemical Splash

Goggles resist mild acids, caustics, aromatic hydrocarbons and methylene chloride-reducing lens replacement costs.


Silicote™-6 coating on outside of lens creates an inert barrier against corrosive chemicals.

Glass-like coating is bonded to the 0.050" thick polycarbonate lens and is not affected by solvents, bases or acids (except hydrofluoric acid).

Fog-resistant coating on inside of lens.

Vinyl frame fits comfortably over prescription glasses.

Includes indirect vents and black elastic headband.
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