Sperian By Honeywell, SAF-T-FIT PLUS N1139 Small-N99 Full Seal & Valve 4110402
Sperian By Honeywell 14110402 SAF-T-FIT PLUS N1139

Sperian By Honeywell 14110402 SAF-T-FIT PLUS N1139

Sperian By Honeywell 14110402 SAF-T-FIT PLUS N1139
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descriptionSAF-T-FIT Plus N1139. Particulate Respirator with exhalation valve, N99, with full seal, nose clip and adjustable straps.

Honeywell SAF-T-FIT Plus N1139 N99 Particulate Respirator Features

Provides 99% filter efficiency against oil-free particulates

Exhalation valve lowers breathing resistance

Nose clip for a secure and reliable fit

Full face sealing flange for premium comfort & effectiveness

Adjustable straps ensure the mask stays in place

Multiple sizes available

Latex free


Honeywell SAF-T-FIT Plus N1139 N99 Particulate Respirator Features

Honeywell SAF-T-FIT Plus N1139 N99 Respirators provide excellent NIOSH-approved 99% filter efficiency against non-oil based particulate. This type of respirator is recommended for a wide variety of dry and dusty applications and industries.

The SAF-T-FIT Plus N1139 is the premium N-class mask in the SAF-T-FIT Plus line of disposable respirators, providing the best protection from non-oil based particulate available (99%). As with all the models in the SAF-T-FIT Plus line, the molded cup design of this mask is ergonomic and sturdy, its color-coded metal nose-clip helps keep the mask in place, and its humidity-resistant filter media can stand up to hot, demanding work environments while still providing low breathing resistance. An exhalation valve helps keep the interior of the mask cool and comfortable, while making it even easier for the wearer to breathe freely.

As a premium Honeywell respirator, the N1139 integrates a full face sealing flange into the interior of the mask. This plush liner promotes an effective seal all the way around the mouth and nose.

This ensures effective air filtration, and further enhances comfort. The mask is held securely and comfortably in place by adjustable straps, another premium feature.

Honeywell SAF-T-FIT Plus N1139 N99 Suggested Applications

Pesticides (low vapor), fiberglass/gel coats, painting, powder coating, fiberglass cutting & installation, spray insulation, mold removal, aluminum production, welding, soldering, brazing, metal pouring, plasma cutting, torch cutting, drilling, sanding, grinding, degreasing, brewery operations, stone quarrying, and other dusty operations. Not for use in environments in which oil is present.
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