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Mada Medical, MadaCide-FD Disinfectant, 7020Zoom

Mada Medical, MadaCide-FD Disinfectant, 7020

Mada Medical, MadaCide-FD Disinfectant, 7020
Item# 7020
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32 oz for $14.83. 7020

1 gal for $40.50. 7021

Hospital Disinfectant Cleaner (Fast Drying)

Medium level disinfectant

A safe, effective and economical alcohol based broad spectrum formula surface disinfectant and cleaner

Designed for use in hospitals (all departments), medical, dental and veterinary offices, nursing homes and other health care facilities

Fast drying formula allows for very simple application of the product

Indefinite shelf life (approx. 5 years) unopened and 10 months after opening and re-capped

Broad Spectrum Activity: Bacteriocidal, Fungicidal, Tuberculocidal, Virucidal, Pseudomonocidal

Formulation contains 21% Isopropanol of industrial 100% concentration

Ready to use - no mixing or activators necessary

Biodegradable and can easily be poured down the drain

E.P.A. registered as a safe and effective surface disinfectant cleaner.
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