Spilfyter Kolor-Safe Liquid Acid Neutralizer, Only $10.55 at Environmental Safety Services
Spilfyter 410001 Kolor-Safe Liquid Acid Neutralizer

Spilfyter 410001 Kolor-Safe Liquid Acid Neutralizer

Spilfyter 410001 Kolor-Safe Liquid Acid Neutralizer
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Color Change process lets you know when Acids are safe to handle-Minimize the Risk!

Many aggressive liquid spills involve hazardous acids that require a way to render them safe for final clean-up and disposal in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. KOLOR-SAFEŽ Neutralizers meet this requirement.



1. Evacuate employees from the spill area.

2. Wear personal protective equipment compatible with chemicals involved.

3. Ventilate the contaminated area.

4. Contain the spill with universal sorbent material.

5. For best results place universal sorbent pads on the spill to soak it up.

6. Slowly spray or pour the acid neutralizer on the contained spilled acid. CAUTION: Some HEAT or GASSING OUT may be generated.

7. The color change indicator changes from PURPLE to YELLOW during neutralization.

8. Apply liquid acid neutralizer until the color change indicator first turns a reddish color.

9. Allow neutralized liquid to cool.

10. Soak up remaining neutralized liquid with sorbent materials.

11. Place used sorbents into temporary disposal containers.

12. Wipe up residue with non-woven cloth material.

13. Dispose of all used articles (sorbents, neutralized liquid, etc.) according to local, state and federal regulations. NOTE: Depending on the extent of the clean-up process, additional equipment may be required.
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