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Kappler Z5HD0 Decon Station

Kappler Z5HD0 Decon Station

Kappler Z5HD0 Decon Station
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descriptionKappler Z5HD0 Decon StationDecon Shower

State-of-the-art technology and innovative design combine for easy-to-use decon products, no matter what your situation calls for. From full-blown Hot Zone management to training exercises, Kappler gives you decon solutions at a higher level.

Kappler’s patented Decontamination Shower is made with Zytron 500 fabric to ensure hazardous material run-off is safely contained.

The removable spray wand with adjustable shut-off valve and ergo-grip handle allow better water ontrol during decon.

Simple design and snap-lock components mean easy setup and take-down.

Catch Basin w/frame and shower wand, Style Z5HD0.

Shower curtain and frame, Style Z5HD1.
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