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JMK 01810 Hide A Key Rock

JMK 01810 Hide A Key Rock

JMK 01810 Hide A Key Rock
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descriptionJMK 01810 Hide A Key Rock Safe Spare Key Holder

Are you hiding a spare house key under your door mat or under a flower pot on the front porch? This is the first place thieves will look to gain access to your home. With the Rock Hide a Key you will never be locked out again.

Only you and your family members will know the secret place where your key is hidden. Looks just like an ordinary rock but allows you to hide several keys inside it.

This resin composite rock looks and feels real. It makes an easy hiding place for your spare key. A very popular product for realtors, parents, garden and landscape businesses, and other home care companies.

Realistic looking rock. looks like any rock in the garden

Store an extra key and hide it in the garden or flower bed

Bottom tray pulls out to store a key

The rock measures approx: 3.5" length x 2.25" wide x 2" tall

Inside of rock where key hides measures: 2.25" length x 1.25" wide x 1" deep
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