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ESS, Group Survival Pack, ESS-5955Zoom

ESS, Group Survival Pack, ESS-5955

ESS, Group Survival Pack, ESS-5955
Item# ESS-5955
Availability: In Stock
Contains 10 pouches of the following personal supplies: emergency food (2400 calorie foodbar-12 meals), drinking water (6 servings), emergency solar blaket, 12-hour light-stick, 20-hour body warmer, whistle, hygiene supplies ( tissure packet, toothbrush and tooth paste, moist towelettes, plastic bags).

Contains the following group supplies: AM/FM solar/crank radio ( no batteries required), flashlight with batteries, multi-function knife, waterproof matches, notepad and pencel, playing cards and a first aid supplies. Packaged in a duffel bag.

All kits can be customed made to fit your needs. Allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.
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