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Glass and Surface Cleaners

Glass and Surface Cleaners
Glass and Surface Cleaners

Keeping your kitchen (and other parts of your home) clean is important for a number of reasons we'll get to in a second. If you aren't worried about the biology, think economy instead.

Cleanliness can save you money.

It's also politically and socially correct.

You should take an hour a week, or less than 10 minutes a day to keep your kitchen tidy.

We aren't advocating a frontal assault on all things disorganized, jumbled or in need of a friendly wipe-down.

A few crumbs in front of the toaster are nothing to get obsessive about.

We want to root out dirty or neglectful kitchen habits that can make you sick, cost you money and time, or send a negative message to your kids.

Cleanliness isn't just an aesthetic concern. It's about safety, too. Drips on the floor from yesterday's margarita disaster could cause someone to take a tumble, and that oil slick on the stove from taco night may start a grease fire.

Kitchen Fire

The kitchen is one spot where water, high heat, electricity and sharp objects all come into close proximity, and the best way to control this potentially dangerous environment is by keeping it clean and organized. No one plans on starting a kitchen fire, slipping on dribbled maple syrup or dropping the blade end of a greasy knife on a toe.

Keeping the kitchen clean may help you forestall calamity so you're never the guy who has to spend a day at the emergency room because of a silly kitchen accident.
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