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FrenchCreek Model: FC-750 HarnessesZoom

FrenchCreek Model: FC-750 Harnesses

FrenchCreek Model: FC-750 Harnesses
Item# FC-750
Availability: In Stock
• 6-Point adjustment full body harness with permanently attached reinforced waist belt

• EZ-Slide back D-ring provides easy, safe connection and keeps fallen worker vertical after any fall

• Perfect-fit chest strap with easy to use pass-thru buckle, sewn in place to prevent user maladjustment

• Spring-loaded friction buckles on shoulder straps for quick and easy adjustment that stays in place

• Tongue buckle leg straps for fast and easy donning, brass grommets that won't rust

• Modified sub-pelvic strap configuration for additional support during brief periods of suspension

• Hardware plated to ASTM standards for corrosion resistance

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