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Fend-All 32-000460-0000 Eyesalin Eye Wall StationsZoom

Fend-All 32-000460-0000 Eyesalin Eye Wall Stations

Fend-All 32-000460-0000 Eyesalin Eye Wall Stations
Item# 32-000460-0000
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Fend-All 32-000460-0000 Eyesaline Eye Wall Stations

Durable Eyesaline Wall Stations provide immediate flushing until the injured person reaches a primary emergency eyewash device.

They offer high visibility in a hazard area and are readily available for emergency flushing and decontamination of the eyes, face and body.

Easy-to-clean station mounts directly to wall with included hardware molded-in overhang protects bottle from dust and debris

Saline solution is preserved and buffered to match natural pH chemistry of human tears

Sterile, FDA-grade polyethylene bottle is sealed with a break-off T-tab lid for tamper resistance easy to open in an emergency

Extended-flow nozzle provides irrigation longer than conventional designs

Elastic band secures bottle in place when not in use

Hi-viz green station stands out in low lighting and when vision is blurred

Long shelf life so you can keep a replacement in-stock following an emergency clearly marked expiration date makes inspection fast and foolproof

Features bilingual text on bottle and full English instructions on station

(32-000460-0000): 16oz Single. Each for $25.99

(32-000461-0000): 32oz Single. Each for $31.99

(32-000462-0000): 32oz Double. Each for $40.69.
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