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Emergency & Critical Care Pocket GuideZoom

Emergency & Critical Care Pocket Guide

Emergency & Critical Care Pocket Guide
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The 5th edition Emergency & Critical Care Pocket Guide™ contains the current AHA guidelines. Use of this popular reference helps physicians, paramedics and nurses check ACLS drug doses, interpret ECGs, look up patient medications, and much more.

Critical information covers use of; airway devices such as the Combitube, LMA, and King LT™ Airway, a complete list of emergency & ACLS drugs, including Natrecor and Ketamine, an extensive prescription drug list, Rapid 12-Lead EKG interpretation page, dermatomes, hemodynamics, lab values, and a complete list of abbreviations!

Only 3" x 5" it easily fits in your pocket, has color-coded tabs, and is waterproof, alcohol-fast, tear-resistant and incredibly durable.
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