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Neese 236AC Dura Light Coat with Attached HoodZoom

Neese 236AC Dura Light Coat with Attached Hood

Neese 236AC Dura Light Coat with Attached Hood
Item# 236AC
Availability: In Stock
Jacket is a minimum of 30" 201D long with adjustments for various sizes Snap front Storm flap

Does the job require more than just every-day basic rainwear? Neese Industries manufactures quality protective wear designed for splash hazards, hydro blasting, sanitation, industrial processing, petrol-chemical, and utility operations. These garments provide the extra levels of protection and durability that go beyond the mere basic and meet the needs that the job requires. We use test proven PVC, Polyurethane, and Neoprene materials and incorporate them into specially designed garments with today's industrial worker in mind. Whatever your work environment need, Neese Industries can help you successfully meet the challenge. Attached hood with drawstring closure Raglan shoulder design to allow for easy movement
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