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Confined Space Supervisor / Equipment TrainingZoom

Confined Space Supervisor / Equipment Training

Confined Space Supervisor / Equipment Training
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Duties of the Entry Supervisor The duties of the entry supervisor are specified in paragraph (j). The entry supervisor is responsible for determining whether acceptable entry conditions exist, authorizing the entry, overseeing entry operations, terminating the entry, and canceling the entry permit. The entry supervisor represents the employer and is accountable for entry operation safety. If the entry supervisor is properly trained and equipped, he or she may also serve as an authorized entrant or attendant. The entry supervisor must:

(1) Know the hazards.

(2) Verify safe entry conditions.

(3) Terminate entry and cancel permit.

(4) Verify availability and effectiveness of rescue services.

(5) Remove unauthorized persons.

(6) Ensure acceptable entry conditions are maintained.

Confined Space Supervisor Class 2 hours is for up to 15 students $450.00.

In house training $190.00 per student.
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