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Hartmann-Conco Medi-Rip® Self-Adherent Bandage

Hartmann-Conco Medi-Rip® Self-Adherent Bandage
Hartmann-Conco Medi-Rip® Self-Adherent Bandage
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Product Description

Hartmann-Conco Medi-Rip® Self-Adherent Bandage

This self-adherent, hand-tear compression wrap is ideal as a secondary dressing without the need for clips or tape It allows for better compression control without constricting Each bandage is individually wrapped Available in various colors and prints Non-sterile; not made with natural rubber latex

(10-0510): MEDI-RIP 1 X 5 YD. Each for $2.00.

(10-0520): MEDI-RIP 2 X 5 YD. Each for $3.50.

(10-0530): MEDI-RIP 3 X 5 YD. Each for $4.20.

(10-0540): MEDI-RIP 4 X 5 YD. Each for $5.00.

(10-0560): MEDI-RIP 6 X 5 YD. Each for $6.50.

Medi-Rip® is a superior, self-adherent elastic support and compression bandage. Woven of 99% cotton yarn, it is absorbent, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Medi-Rip does not stick to skin or hair, and won’t leave adherent residue. Scissors are not required as Medi-Rip tears easily to the desired length.

Because it conforms easily to all body contours, Medi-Rip is easy to control and apply.


Adheres only to itself, never skin or hair, without pins, clips or tape

Provides superior support and compression Woven of 99% cotton yarn

Porous and comfortable to wear

Hand-tears to desired length

Conforms easily to body contours

Available in Tan, Red, Blue, Purple, Green

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