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Pig PLR210 Conical Drain PlugZoom

Pig PLR210 Conical Drain Plug

Pig PLR210 Conical Drain Plug
Item# PLR210
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Pig PLR210 Conical Drain Plug

Why seal drains permanently with cement? Use our Conical Drain Plug instead.

• Removable-allows your drain to function normally when plug is not in place.

• Non-mechanical-just wedge Plug in drain; ideal alternative to permanently sealing your drains with cement.

• Durable polyurethane plug forms a tight, chemical-resistant seal; removes easily with hand tools to restore drain function.

•Perfect for general maintenance use-you can keep the Plug in the drain with the drain cover in place.

• Seals drains 4" in diameter.

Dimensions: ext. dia. 4" x 5.75" H

Sold as: 1 each

Composition: Polyurethane/metal eye bolt

Weight: 2.5 lbs.
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