Miller Steel twist-lock Carabiners, 17D-1, Miller twist lock carabiners with spring loaded keepers are used as anchorage connectors.
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Miller Steel twist-lock Carabiners

Miller Steel twist-lock Carabiners
Item# 17D-1
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The Miller 17D-1/ carabiner has a twist-lock and spring-loaded keeper and is ideally used as an anchorage connector. Made of forged alloy steel, the Miller 17D-1 is zinc-plated to help resist rust and corrosion, making it perfect for almost any condition.

This heavy-duty carabiner is asymmetrical and designed to carry heavy loads. It's a popular choice for many of our at heights customers, including construction and tower climbing.

Produced by Honeywell, Miller fall protection equipment is some of the most trusted on the market.

Steel twist-lock carabiner; 1-in. (25 mm) gate opening.
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