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Pyramex Safety Bump Caps HP40035Zoom

Pyramex Safety Bump Caps HP40035

Pyramex Safety Bump Caps HP40035
Item# HP40035
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Pyramex Safety Bump Caps Features:

•Shell constructed from lightweight, thermal plastic.

•Air holes on both sides of cap for ventilation

•Provides protection for low-risk work environment such as Automotive Repair, Utility Meter Reading, Food & Beverage Processing, Fruit Harvesting, and Pest Control,

•4 Point standard suspension is easy to adjust

•This cap is not designed to meet the ANSI Z89.1 1997 class C, G,& E standards for Industrial Head Protection.

•Use only to protect from minor bumps and scalp lacerations

Pyramex Safety 4 Point Snap Lock Suspension Bump Cap
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