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Pain-Relieving Gels For BurnsZoom

Pain-Relieving Gels For Burns

Pain-Relieving Gels For Burns
Item# BJ2-24
Availability: In Stock
(BJ2-24): Burn Jel 2 Oz. Squeeze Bottle. Each for $6.65.

(100U-6): Burn Jel In Unit Dose In Unitized Box 6 Pcs. Each for $7.30.

(BJ4-24): Burn Jel 4 Oz. Squeeze Bottle. Each for $10.10.

(600U-1): Burn Jel Unit Dose In Dispenser Box 25 Pcs. Each for $30.30.

Cool and soothe minor burns with our Burn Jel by Water-Jel. It forms a protective layer while it moisturizes the skin for fast pain relief. Active Ingredient: lidocaine HCL (2.0%).

Water-Jel products have expiration dates so when people invest in Water-Jel products they know when they can best be used and when they should be replaced. There's no guessing and no taking chances with an old product.

Water-Jel is the only brand that offers two topical cooling gels and a unique topical gel specifically for sunburns.

Burn Jel cools burns to soothe the pain and also contains pain relieving Lidocaine. Lidocaine is a commonly used anesthetic found in many over-the-counter pain relieving products. Cool Jel has a similar formula to Burn Jel, without Lidocaine. UnBurn is for sunburns. It contains additional Lidocaine and also moisturizing vitamin E and aloe.
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