The Brief Relief™ Field Lavatory System is a complete portable, sanitation system for work crews on the move.

The Brief Relief™ PQ2000 Field Lavatory System

The Brief Relief™  PQ2000 Field Lavatory System

So Many Uses!

When you’re working in remote areas, doing important and sometimes dangerous work, Brief Relief isn’t a luxury … it’s a necessity. There isn’t always a working bathroom nearby. And sometimes those port-a-potties have gone un-serviced or are pretty far away. Here’s a sampling of industries in which our products are used.


Power, water and sewer companies. Whether setting up solar power in a new facility or laying pipe in a remote area, your workers can always have a bathroom at hand.


Ever see that sign “Last restroom for 46 miles”? The Brief Relief bags can be kept in a glove box, and the rest of the equipment doesn’t take up much space either.

Police, First Aid and Fire

Emergencies happen all the time. That’s the line of work you’re in. And you can never tell when the call you’re on is going to end.

Outdoor Professions

Miners, forestry workers and anyone else who spends long hours in the great outdoors should always have our products nearby since bathrooms probably aren’t nearby.


Whether 43 floors up or deep in a basement, when nature calls, you have to answer. Instead of stopping work for an hour or more in order to find a proper restroom, why not carry one with you?

Military and Aviation

Few spend longer times out in the field than the military. For long deployments and long flights, take our products with you so that finding a bathroom is one less thing you have to worry about.

$100.00 Bathroom Break





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