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Brief Relief BR608 Disposable Urinal Bag

Brief Relief BR608 Disposable Urinal Bag
Brief Relief BR608 Disposable Urinal Bag
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Product Description

Brief Relief BR608 Disposable Urinal Bag
The Brief Relief™ Disposable Urinal Pouch provides a safe and convenient alternative when nature calls. The bags can be used by both men and women. Our proprietary blend of naturally bioactive polymers and enzymes instantly turn urine into a deodorized gel. The funnel design and one-way valve prevent accidental spills.

Designed with military standards in mind, Brief Relief even comes complete with a high quality sanitary towelette for clean up after use.

Safe for disposal in any trash receptacle, Brief Relief™ answers the age old question - Where do you go…when you've got to go….but there's no where to go?

Also sold as part of the Field Lavatory Kit

Brief Relief™ Key Product Features:

• Wide collar and fold out handle

• Gels liquid upon contact

• 4 mil plastic pouch for safe handling after use

• Snap lock channel for final closure

• Designed for easy of use by both men and women

• Spill proof, leak proof and odor free

• Small enough to fit in your pocket or vehicle glove box

• Trash-container safe urinal bags meet State, Federal E.P.A and Provincial disposal requirements

• Contains naturally occurring Non Toxic polymers and enzymes

• Safe, Sanitary and Convenient

• Brief Relief™ in your vehicle glove box…….Just in Case!

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