Environmental Safety services carries Brady People ID, Lanyards, Badge Reels, Badge Holders

Badge Holders, Lanyards ID Holders Badge Reels

Badge Holders, Lanyards ID Holders Badge Reels
Identification & security products directly from the manufacturers.

Brady People ID is the leading manufacturer of identification, security and promotional products. We have decades of experience providing quality goods to customers throughout the world through our network of trusted re-sellers.

Brady People IDís broad lanyard offering allows you to give your customers a variety of choices when it comes to picking out an attachment solution.

Lanyards range from standard flat lanyards to tubular lanyards and everything in between. Our variety ensures that your customers will find something to suit their needs.

Customers seeking a simple lanyard solution will enjoy our braid-woven lanyards, ribbed polyester lanyards and vinyl lanyards. These lanyards are straightforward, no-frills attachments that will carry a badge or card effectively.

Ideal for customers in the education, promotional or corporate spaces, these lanyards can be easily customized to feature colorful graphics or text.

Partners who deal in the safety or construction industries will appreciate the increased visibility of our reflective lanyards, which are ideal for use in low-light or nighttime environments. These lanyards will hold a badge or card while also serving as a safety tool by reflecting light.

Promotional companies or organizations seeking a fun attachment will enjoy the eye-catching colors that come with our rhinestone lanyards, which feature dozens of rhinestones that shine in the light.

Food service or healthcare customers will love our anti-microbial lanyards, which are made of a special material that prevents bacteria from growing. These lanyards are ideal for safety-conscious customers.

Our offering of neck chains and cords is ideal for customers in the large events space, as they are an affordable option that can be reused if necessary.

We offer nickel-plated steel beaded neck chains, colored plastic beaded neck chains, elastic neck cords, vinyl neck straps and more.

These lanyards are the perfect solution for concerts, conventions, sporting events and other large gatherings.
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