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Blood Stopper 10-Jun Bandage

Blood Stopper 10-Jun Bandage

Blood Stopper 10-Jun Bandage
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descriptionThe bloodstopper is a highly effective dressing for controlling a large open wound in a major trauma call.

The highly absorbent dressing is attached to an elastic gauze wrap for easy, conforming application.

The fanfold design allows the product to store compactly while in use expands to a generous 118" in length. Individually packaged sterile.

Heavy External Bleeding: The Bloodstopper includes an extra gauze roll that can be used as a pressure dressing.

Surface Wound and Abrasions: By removing gauze roll use non stick surface to cover wounds.

Burns: The expandable wound pad can be used to cover burns.

Fractures: Bloodstopper can be used as a sling or to secure a splint.
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