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Medical Bio-Hazard Waste Containers

Medical Bio-Hazard Waste Containers
Medical Bio-Hazard Waste Containers

Meet OSHA requirements for disposal of biohazard materials with Environmental Safety Services Biohazard Bags.

Colored bright orange/red, these come with a sterilization patch that darkens when subjected to steam sterilization.

A large black biohazard warning symbol and precautionary procedures are clearly printed in four languages. Clear, non-printed bags are also available.

The bags are made of high-molecular weight, high-density polyethylene and are steam autoclavable.

They are available in sizes from 14 x 19 in. to 38 x 48 in. with capacities up to 50 gallons.

No one takes compliance more seriously than us, so you can ship, store and transport your Dangerous Goods with total confidence.

Red Biohazard Waste Bags
Pro-Tec, Sharps Container, Red P-1Q
Regular price: $6.00
Sale price: $5.10
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