Aqua Blox Emergency Water - 32 x 6.75 oz. ContainersZoom

Aqua Blox Emergency Water - 32 x 6.75 oz. Containers

Aqua Blox Emergency Water - 32 x 6.75 oz. Containers
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Considering the broad nature, scope, and length of emergencies that could contaminate public drinking water supplies, a “pro-active” emergency water response plan is essential because the availability of potable drinking water is vital for the survival, safety, and welfare of first responders and victims of an emergency event.

Severe weather…hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, winter storms Natural disasters…earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions Pandemics…influenza, avian bird flu Terrorism…homeland security Bio terrorism…anthrax, plaque, Q fever, ricin, tularemia Radiation emergencies…dirty bombs, nuclear blasts Chemical emergencies…nerve agents, chlorine, toxic alcohols Hazardous material transfers.

Aqua Blox and Aqua Literz insure the highest quality hydration for emergency events and they eliminate the expense of rotating expired bottled water supplies every 12 months as recommended by the Red Cross and the CDC.
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