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Re-Conditioned Steel Drums 55 Gallon Open Top DrumZoom

Re-Conditioned Steel Drums 55 Gallon Open Top Drum

Re-Conditioned Steel Drums 55 Gallon Open Top Drum
Item# DM100
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Reconditioned Steel Drums 55 Gallon Open Top Drum


Tough, UN Rated drums are made for hazardous materials, so you can rely on them to deliver safety and compliance.

UN Rated and tested to help ensure safe shipping of hazardous materials

Open-head design and removable lid offer full, convenient access to inside of drum

12-gauge bolt ring closure, sponge rubber gasket and plated bolt/nut provide tight seal to help prevent leaks and spills

55 Gallon Open Top Black Steel Drum Reconditioned

These fifty five gallon containers are dual U/N rated for both liquid and solid hazardous material storage.

They may be used for liquid materials that are rated packing group II or III and solid materials that are packing group II, or III.

feature a heavy bolt ring and a white steel cover (with or without bungs).

They are rated to safely hold up to 55 gallons of material with a specific gravity of 1.2 and 400 kg (880 lbs) of solid hazardous material.

U/N number: 1A2/Y1.2/100 and 1A2/Y400/S

Capacity: 55 Gallons

Material: Carbon Steel

Openings: Removable lid with a heavy bolt ring (with or without bungs)

Color: Black body with a white lid

Condition: Reconditioned

Diameter: 24″

Height: 34″
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