Action Pump, Polyethylene Siphon Pumps, Item # S-4007, Polyethylene Siphon Pumps Bellows action pumps to higher or lower levels with ease. Use with a wide variety of non-aggressive, water-based fluids and detergents.
Action Pump, Polyethylene, Plastic Siphon PumpsZoom

Action Pump, Polyethylene, Plastic Siphon Pumps

Action Pump, Polyethylene, Plastic Siphon Pumps
Item# S-4007
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Choose from Three Sizes to Fit Your Task

Polyethylene Pail Siphon Pump. (S-4007) $4.50.

2 gpm siphon pump. Features squeeze bulb action for quick and easy emptying of 5 gallon pails. 18 inch discharge hose included

Heavy-Duty Polyethylene Siphon Pump, 7 gpm Transfer Rate. (S-4006) $28.95.

7 gpm bellow action siphon pump includes 4ft. discharge hose and 2" bung. fits 15-30-55 gallon barrels.

Pump,Siphon,7 GPM Drum Pump, Siphon, 500 SSU, Outlet Size 1 Inch Outside Diameter, Suction Design Tube, Suction Pipe Size Outside Diameter 1 In, Adapter Type 2 Inch NPT Bung, Fits 15, 30 and 55 Gallon Drums, Piston Polyethylene, Pump Body Material Polyethylene, Max Temp 140 Degree F, Includes Discharge Tubing, GPM 7, Discharge Tubing Material Corrugated Flexible Polyethylene, Internal Parts Material Polyethylene, Overall Length 45 3/4 In, Self Priming, Suction Tube 34 Inches Long

Polyethylene & PVC Siphon Pump 7gpm (S-4008) $30.00

Same as model 4006 except has a pvc intake tube instead of polyethylene. 7 GPM Siphon pump for use in 55 gallon drums. Intake tube can easily be cut to work in smaller containers like 30 or 15 gallon drums. Comes with 2" fine thread adapter and 48" discharge hose.

Bellows action pumps to higher or lower levels with ease. Use with a wide variety of nonaggressive, water-based fluids and detergents.

Specifications: Heavy-Duty and Economy high-density polyethylene pumps fit 15-, 30- or 55-gal. drums with 2" NPT threads.

Economy Pump barrel: 32-1/2"H x 1" O.D. Hose: 46-1/2"L x 7/8" O.D. Heavy-Duty Pump barrel: 34-1/2"H x 1" O.D. Hose: 48"L x 7/8" O.D.

Pail Pump features a convenient bulb-operated siphon equipped with 11/16" O.D. un-threaded male bung fitting and siphon hose. Barrel: 21-1/8"H. Hose: 16"L x 3/8" O.D.

Wetted Parts: High-density polyethylene. Transfer Rate: Economy Pump: 5 gpm. Heavy-Duty Pump: 7 gpm. Pail Pump: 2 gpm.
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