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Marc was very knowledgeable in all things safety and CPR. He gave us real life situations while still keeping it light and engaging. I now feel prepared to perform CPR in any situation. Thanks Marc!!

The instructor was awesome and knowledgeable. He had many stories to share which made the course even more fun. I would recommend this course to others!

Really great service! Had a great time learning CPR/First Aid for the first time. He was very thorough with providing his own experiences as an EMT for 20+ years. I learned a lot (it was especially fun b/c I have taken an anatomy class before and got to hear the terminology again). There is an exam at the end so pay attention!

Great class. Well taught, instructor is a previous first responder. Activities prepare you for real world situations. I've taken other courses and this by far was one of the best, not boring very engaging. They also have some supplies for sale and offer 10% of to the students which is nice. I'd definitely go back to get my renewal if this guy is teaching the class.

Instructor was awesome, I left this class feeling more confident in my abilities to save another life than any other CPR & First Aid class I have taken. Will be back to renew when time.

.The BEST most hands on class I've taken (my third so far). The instructor is extremely knowledgeable, having been a respectable EMT, I believe he said for 30 or so years? Give or take, he knows what he's talking about!! He involved everyone and no question was considered "stupid". I am definitely coming back in a couple years to renew!

The teacher is super fun! He does not only goes by the book but by his own experience, real scenarios and that puts more spice to the. Experience! Super cool!

This place is equipped with all of your safety, the instructor is very knowledgeable and the course is full of depth informative and well worth the money I would recommend companies send employees here

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