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Vehicle/Bicycle, Head Lights

Vehicle/Bicycle, Head Lights
Vehicle/Bicycle, Head Lights
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Streamlight, Septor®  LED Headlamps
Streamlight, Septor® LED Headlamp, Item # 61052SL

For those that often perform tasks at an arm’s length or “up close” work where seeing details is important, a soft flood light may be more appropriate than extreme brightness or reach.

Meets lighting needs for a “up close” work when seeing details is important

Push-button switch is easy to use when wearing gloves and is recessed to protect it from inadvertent activation Powered by 3 “AAA” alkaline batteries (included) Low-level battery indicator visible in the facecap of each light

Red LED flashes when battery voltage is low and batteries are near the end of their usable life.

Specifications for Streamlight Septor Head Lamp:

Battery: Three AAA alkaline

Bulb: Seven 100,000-hour lifetime, high-intensity Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), "solid-state" bulbs.

Output: 120 lumens (7 LEDs); 45 lumens (3 LEDs); 13 lumens (1 LED)

Material: Water-resistant thermoplastic construction: rubber-shieldedbezel; unbreakable polycarbonate lens.

Color: Yellow

Weight (with batteries): 5 ounces

Dimensions: 2" (D) X 2" (H) X 2.75" (L)

Run Time: Up to 150 hours (with one LED)

Features of Stream Light Septor Flashlight Headlamp:

Seven 100,000 hr. life ultra-bright, white LEDs

120 lumens typical (7 LEDs), 45 lumens typical (3 LEDs), 13 lumens typical (1 LED)

Runs up to 120 hrs. (single LED)


Unbreakable polycarbonate lens

90° tilting head
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Streamlight, Septor® LED Headlamps 61052SL
Streamlight 61051SL Trident Headlamp, Green w/ White & Green LEDs
Model Number: 61051SL, 61050SL

Headlamps feature super-bright xenon bulbs with triple LEDs. There's also three-way lighting for short, medium, and long distances with spot-to-flood adjustment.

The durable, water-resistant polymer bodies and scratch-resistant lenses ensure long-lasting service. Powered by three AAA alkaline batteries (included) and comes with fully adjustable straps. 2 9/16"W x 2 1/2"D x 1 7/8"Dia.


Bulb: LED/Xenon


Includes 3 LEDs and a xenon bulb in the same reflector 3 position lighting lets you select the best combination of lights for the task at hand.

Powered by 3 "AAA" alkaline batteries (included)

3 volt, 300 mA xenon bi-pin bulb, plus 3 100,000-hour life LEDs

Spot to flood focus

Includes elastic head strap and rubber hard hat strap

90 degree tilting head

Facecap diameter: 1.86"

Width: 2.55" Depth: 2.53" Weight: 4.64 oz


Green Model - Contains 1 safety green LED and 2 ultra- bright white LEDs


Yellow Model - Contains 3 ultra-bright white LEDs
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Streamlight 61051SL Trident Headlamp, Green w/ White & Green LEDs 61051SL
FlareAlert Beacon Pro Electronic Safety Flares made with LEDs
The Beacon Pro, our top-level product, is the brightest LED flare we have to offer. The Beacon Pro is a robust LED flare designed for frequent and aggressive use and is currently used by thousands of police and fire departments nationwide for various traffic safety applications.

It is available in five (5) colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green or White. All Beacon Pro units are magnetic Safe and Versatile.

Magnetic base-elevate your flare

• 360° visibility-can be seen for miles

• Waterproof-won’t extinguish in rain/snow

• No flames-won’t burn user/equipment

• LED technology-bulbs last years

• Safe-for anyone to use


• Reusable - replaces thousands of flares

• No perchlorate - won’t contaminate ground water

• No fumes - no toxic fumes released

• No residue - no debris left behind

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FlareAlert Beacon Pro Electronic Safety Flares made with LEDs RBP2
LED Lite Flare
LiteFlare is the first flare replacement designed for real life. It fits easily into your emergency or utility vehicle—even a motorcycle.

It fits the tough roadway environment–you can drive right over it. And it fits your budget. This workhorse product flashes for 400 hours without a battery change–replacing 700 incendiary flares. You've singed your last uniform and suffered your last burn. LiteFlare has made incendiary flares obsolete.

Safer and more cost efficient than incendiary flares, LiteFlare is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it's used every night or kept in a glove box for an emergency, you can depend on LiteFlare's high visibility and long lasting batteries to keep you safe.


LiteFlare eliminates the fire and environmental hazards of incendiary flares. No fumes. No burns. And no risk of igniting spilled fuel or roadside brush.

Safer to use and transport Eliminates dangerous percholate residue


Drivers can see LiteFlare's super-bright LED lights from more than a mile away. Available in both red and yellow, it's ideal for all night time traffic activities.

Blinking light commands driver's attention


Lasting over 400 hours on two replaceable AA batteries, LiteFlare makes it easy to maintain traffic control lines. Gone are the days of daisy-chaining.

No recharging unit needed Use all night, every night for a month without changing batteries


This palm-sized product stores easily anywhere. Multi-pack units fit handily into motorcycle storage compartments, safety boxes, or trunks.

Easy to carry everywhere Lightweight


Each LiteFlare pays for itself in a matter of days, replacing 700 incendiary flares without a battery change.

Reduces your flare/signal device expenditures No capital investment needed


Made for real world traffic situations, the LiteFlare stands up to repeated drive overs.

Withstands the weight of a Boeing 747 Molded plastic case resists snow, water, and fuel spills
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LED Lite Flare ESS-3904
Lumilite, Biker's / Runner's Safety Strobe Light
2AA Safety Light packaged with heavy duty batteries, clamshell. Be seen with this ideal item that promotes night time safety. Comes with belt clip, stretch arm band and bike seat bracket. Nighttime visibility up to 2,000 feet.
Availability: Out of Stock
Lumilite, Biker's / Runner's Safety Strobe Light ESS-1595
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Stansport, Waterproof Headlight, 160
Lightweight and waterproof. Adjustable beam. Rubber headband. Uses 4 "AA" batteries (not included). Color: Blue. Packed in display box.
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Stansport, Waterproof Headlight, 160 160
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FlareAlert Weighted Base and Cone Adaptor
Weighted Base: Secures the Beacon/Beacon Pro during extreme wind (e.g. helicopter landings). Can be used with the Cone Adaptor to form a ground stand.

Dimensions:3.75” diameter, 0.25” thick Weight:7.2 oz. Material:Metal

Cone Adapter: Allows for placement of one (1) or two (2) Beacon/Beacon Pro on a traffic cone. For use with the Beacon or Beacon Pro (flares attach magnetically to the Cone Adaptor). Can be used with Weighted Base to form a ground stand.

Dimensions:10.5” length, 0.5” thick Weight:7.2 oz. Material:Metal

Sold Seperatly
Availability: In Stock
FlareAlert Weighted Base and Cone Adaptor 7483
Dorcy, Mini Flexible LED Flashlight with Belt Clip, 8-Lumens, Silver Finish
****This Item is Discontinued****

This 5MM LED flex light gives a new “twist” to the old flashlight.

Featuring a flexible arm and strong tail cap magnet, this multi-functional flex light makes any project a breeze to complete.

The flashlight has a tail cap twist on and off switch, maximizing flashlights ease of use.

This durable aluminum flashlight comes complete with a handy metal belt clip and 1 AAA cell battery.

Product Specifications:

Lumens: 8 Beam Distance: 26 Feet

Bulb Type: LED Batteries: 1 AAA Included

Product Material: Aluminum

Product Dimensions: 3.34"L x .59"W

Bezel Diameter: .56" Product Weight: .12 lbs

Available Color(s): Black, silver

Switch: Tail cap switch

Additional Features: Convenient belt clip, Flexible arm
Availability: Out of Stock
Dorcy, Mini Flexible LED Flashlight with Belt Clip, 8-Lumens, Silver Finish 41-1406
This item is currently out of stock!
Lumilite White LED Head Light W/batteries
Hands free light. More bright, plus brillant, Longest operation time.
Availability: Out of Stock
Lumilite White LED Head Light W/batteries ESS-1596
This item is currently out of stock!
IIT 92917 LED Cap Visor CAMO Hat Light Clip
IIT 92917 LED Cap Visor CAMO Hat Light Clip

Camo Cap Light

Solid state LED has a typical lifetime of 10+ years. LED uses very little energy prolonging battery life.

6 Brilliant LED's provide superior illumination.

Great for camping, fishing providing hands free operation, hunting, even finding your way around a dark house.
Availability: In Stock
IIT 92917 LED Cap Visor CAMO Hat Light Clip 92917
Night Stick NSP 4610B Multi Function Headlamp 150 Lumens
Night Stick NSP 4610B Multi Function Headlamp 150 Lumens

This non-rechargeable multi-function headlamp features a multi-position tilt head design and includes an elastic head strap with a non-slip lining. Utilizing Nightstick by Bayco’s exclusive Dual-Light design, this headlamp combines a tight-beam long-throw spotlight, with a wide-beam close area floodlight. Rated at 150 & 80 lumens respectively, the high and low-brightness spotlight beams on this headlamp are designed for distance illumination.

This headlamp also has three wide-beam floodlight settings…white, red and green. The floodlight spreads out in a wide even pattern of light expressly for the purpose of providing illumination of areas that are close by. The top mounted dual switches provide high/low-brightness spotlight and white/red/green floodlight selections.

Industrial Headlamp,

Rechargeable No,

Battery Type Alkaline,

150/80/18 Lumens,

Battery Size AAA,

Number of Batteries 3,

Batteries Included Yes,

Battery Burn Time 4/25 hr.,

Lamp Type LED,

Lamp Life 50, 000 hr.,

Light Output Modes Spot / Flood / Combination Beam, Body Color Black,

Body Material Polymer,

Weight with Batteries 3.70 oz.,

Lens Material Polycarbonate,

Switch Type Push Button,

Fixed Focus,

Strap Mounting Type,

Body Dia. 1.70 In.,

Beam Distance 60/43m,

Impact Resistance Yes
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Night Stick NSP 4610B Multi Function Headlamp 150 Lumens NSP-4610B
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