Nasal Cannula With Non Flared Tips, MS-24003

Nasal Cannula  With Non-Flared Tips (Latex Free)
Nasal Cannula With Non-Flared Tips (Latex Free)
Item# MS-24003
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Product Description

Over the ear style with soft flexible nare tips for patient comfort.

All sizes come complete with 7' of tubing

• Oxygen Concentration Delivery: 24 - 44%

• Recommended Flow Rate: 1 - 6 LPM

These items are Latex Free

Directions for use.

Attach the oxygen supply to the gas source and set the oxygen to the prescribed flow through the device. Insert the nasal tips into the nostrils with the two plastic tubes over the ears and under the chin. Gently adjust the plastic slide until cannula is secure.

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